Below are listed a number of articles and educational resources addressing equine neuromuscular health, dental practice, balance and biomechanics, from a number of different perspectives.

Shea Stewart, Equine CranioSacral therapist, saddle fitter and professional horsewoman, writes about equine TMJs here.

Jim Masterson writes about our collaborative works for  Neuromuscular Horse Dentistry in his March 2020 Newsletter here.

Jillian Kreinbring provides amazing clinics educating us on functional anatomy and equine movement, blended with  classical dressage works! She offers clear answers why and how TMJ Alignment™ can affect your horse’s nervous system function, spinal alignment and movement during his education  or training.

Mark Russell’s works offer comprehensive explanations on the importance of relaxation and mobility in the TMJs!

Short video gives an excellent and current representation of what we do as Neuromuscular Horse Dentists;

This short read speaks about the connection between dental balance, the C1-C2 joint, and dural torque affecting the spinal cord! Stiff neck, postural issues, head tilt, sensory distortion…balance the teeth & TMJ, and then release with proper bodywork. “It’s All Connected” by Dr. Diane K. Wagner V.M.D. of Equine Elemental Services, LLC.

This wonderful and informative article by Maureen Rogers was published in Natural Horse Magazine, and addresses “TMJ and TMD Exploring the Whole Body Connection”. Rogers is a leading expert in equine craniosacral therapy and education.

Very short clip with Dr. Kerry Ridgway, adressing the importance of the space between the atlas and ramus; swelling of the parotid glands is not always caused by allergies. Equine Wellness 2013 with Dr. Ridgway and Manolo Mendez

This blog posting is by a student veterinarian physio studying in England. It provides a few excellent video resources, and also does a wonderful job of illustrating the anatomy and functions of The Equine Hyoid Apparatus.


Here is a recently published article addressing the importance of incisor balance, and a few other progressive topics by Spencer LaFlure, founder of Natural Balance Dentistry™ (Neuromuscular Horse Dentistry): The Importance of Incisors And Their Effect on the Whole Horse

This is a fabulous educational article addressing straightness in the horse, from an advanced and developed riding, training, and teaching perspective by Deb Bennett, Ph.D.: Lessons From Woody

The Osteopathic Vet on Facebook has some great posts and additional resources, such as this post addressing Digestive Ulcers Caused by the Mouth and Poll

This website has been created to provide additional information and FAQs regarding equine dentistry and Natural Balance Dentistry™ From the Horse’s Mouth

This article written by Jini Patel Thompson addresses some differences between traditional dentistry, and NBD:
Do Equine Dentists Interfere Too Much with Your Horse’s Teeth?

This article by Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Instructor and Mentor, Becky Tenges, describes the TMJ, hyoid, and whole body connection from the perspective of an equine performance bodyworker.
The TMJ and A Whole-Horse Approach to Knowledge

Check out this article by Dr. Rhiannon Fenton (DVM, CAC, CVA, CVFT) that appeared in the June/July 2016 edition of Holistic Horse Magazine:
How Natural Balance Dentistry Can Improve Whole Horse Health