Postural and muscular changes within 3 weeks following TMJ Alignment…


“I learned so much from our time together and my horses really appreciated your approach, energy and listening skills. (My horse) is significantly more comfortable in her TMJ after the dental adjustments you did on her! Her eyes are noticeably softer (all the time) and she has been more receptive…That is no small shift for her!”

Horse Owner, Equine Professional and Author
Charleston, SC

“Gretchen Deane is an extremely talented and compassionate provider.  Her deep understanding of horse anatomy, biomechanics and behavior gives her a unique perspective and enables her to deliver exceptional care to horses.  One of my horses was experiencing complicated physical discomfort that had stumped many other practitioners.  Gretchen was able to effect dramatic positive changes for this horse through TMJ re-alignment and bodywork, and she also broadened my understanding of his situation.  Not only is she highly knowledgeable, but she is also exceptionally patient and kind with the horses she works with.  I recommend her highly and will continue to seek her help with the care of my horses for years to come.”

Horse Owner
Newfane, VT

“I have seen some incredible changes in the way my horses move after Gretchen has worked on them. They become softer and use their full body in better balance. They really seem easier to put together and seem to seek that steady connection that can sometimes be elusive. Gretchen has worked on six of my horses and I have seen similar results with each horse.”

Steepway Morgans
Newfane, VT

“Feeling the difference under saddle after you work on my horses is incredible! You are a staple in my barn and training program.”

Delara Farm LLC
New Haven, VT

“Gretchen’s balancing work makes such a difference in the horse’s way of going! Subtle but profound. NEVER going back to power floating!”

Dressage Trainer
Burlington, VT

“I began working with Gretchen in June 2019 to address dental issues my horse experienced after being power floated. I’ve owned horses most of my life but never understood the relationship between dental balance and the balance of the TMJ, poll and hind end. I must admit I was skeptical at first, especially regarding the concept that dental balance could influence hind end movement due to the craniosacral relationship…After the first dental balance session my trainer and I noticed a difference in the way that my horse was using his jaw, and felt an improved throughness especially on his more difficult right side. We continued with monthly body work sessions noting a progressive improvement in hind end movement, throughness, suppleness and overall body comfort. Our second dental balance in October continued to address a left molar imbalance, and this has especially improved his poll flexion to the right. Gretchen is a knowledgeable, thorough and patient practitioner and I’m grateful that she is part of our team!”

Owner / Rider
Charlotte, VT

“Tom has been doing SO well.  We’ve done some trails, dressage and a XC school and he’s got a NECK!   OMG – where did that come from. He’s getting happier in his work and stands up tall/square in the crossties.  He looks fantastic and my friends who see him periodically have noticed a difference in how he moves and  looks.”

Horse Owner
Concord, NH

“Our horse Merlin, is a twenty-year old Shire cross that was suffering from shivers, TMJ and dental problems when he first came to Gretchen for treatment. The changes to his overall health, happiness and performance are astounding. We now believe that bodywork is an essential part of Merlin’s routine care. His balance has improved, and he is quite happy when he is working now, when before he was in pain. We did not understand how a horse’s dental problems could affect their whole body wellness. By having Gretchen work with Merlin, we are now able to see just how true this really is, and believe that this type of treatment could be beneficial to any horse whether they are for pleasure or an equine athlete.”

-Chuck and Allison
Horse Owners
Suffield, CT

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Chewing function for 2+ years before Natural Balance Dentistry™
Mastication within one week following full mouth Natural Balance Dentistry™

“5 out of 5 stars! Gretchen is very knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge. She is a calm and patient teacher and has helped my horse and I have a better relationship. Through the bodywork Gretchen has helped Brave relax more and be more comfortable around us. She has taught me multiple techniques that I can use to help him relax and to strengthen my relationship with him. This has helped both his and my confidence levels. If you want to improve your relationship with your horse and learn to do something for him that helps you understand him better, I highly recommend working with Gretchen!”

-Suzanne MD
Horse Owner
Sararoga Springs, NY

“Gretchen was so thorough and complete with a knowledge that goes beyond dental care. She is amazing and I will have her work on my horses exclusively for as long as we can. Thank you for expertise and your gentle, caring, knowledgeable approach!”

Horse Owner
Hampden, MA

“Gretchen was a pleasure to work with! And, it was wonderful to watch my horse meeting her for the first time. She approached him with such ease, gentleness and respect and he immediately was comfortable with her in the stall. He’s a 17 hand American Saddlebred rescue so he’s very cautious and nervous. I would very much recommend Gretchen to anyone. She’s a wonderful asset to have come to your barn.”                             

Horse Owner
Wallingford, VT

“We are an all breed equine rescue. We typically have 25 horses in our care, and we generally know nothing about the horses we get. Gretchen has helped us with evaluating lame horses, teeth, and riding. She is remarkable and well educated. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!”

Gerdas Equine Rescue
Townshend, VT

“Gretchen has a clear understanding of horses. She has worked with my 2* level Event horse who is physically very tight and a bit quirky in his mind. He loves the work Gretchen does with him and I love the difference I feel in him as a result of the work. He always comes away from a session looser and calmer in his work. Gretchen has also worked on two OTTB resale projects for me with similar results. Her patience and perception is obvious in the work she does with the horses.”

Eventing Trainer
Vernon, VT

“Gretchen Deane is one of the most gifted young horse trainers who has the ability to use her experience and great compassion for horses to analyze and train according to their needs. Progress and happy, willing horses is almost a given when she works with them regardless of discipline. Gretchen is a joy to work with and fun to observe working with horses. I wish she was still available on the West coast.”

President American Hanoverian Society
Rainbow Equus Meadows Inc.
Lincoln, CA

“Gretchen was extremely helpful identifying and alleviating the areas of soreness, strain and tension with my Arab. I can now continue to use the methods she showed me on a regular basis to help my horse. We are grateful.”

Horse Owner
Putney, VT

“Gretchen has used Masterson Method to help my Welsh Cob, Pilot. She is patient and kind. The bodywork helps the horse to find comfort. My adult students and their horses have found releases and focus with the bladder meridian work.”

Centered Riding Instructor
Dover, VT