Chewing function for 2+ years before Natural Balance Dentistry™
Mastication within one week following full mouth Natural Balance Dentistry™


“Gretchen was so thorough and complete with a knowledge that goes beyond dental care. She is amazing and I will have her work on my horses exclusively for as long as we can. Thank you for expertise and your gentle, caring, knowledgeable approach!”

-Kelly Gilmartin
Horse Owner
Hampden, MA

“Gretchen was a pleasure to work with! And, it was wonderful to watch my horse meeting her for the first time. She approached him with such ease, gentleness and respect and he immediately was comfortable with her in the stall. He’s a 17 hand American Saddlebred rescue so he’s very cautious and nervous. The muscle work that we’ve now begun is helping him with some previous injuries he’s had causing tight muscles and discomfort. I would very much recommend Gretchen to anyone. She’s a wonderful asset to have come to your barn.”                             

-Marina Carter
Horse Owner
Wallingford, VT

“We are an all breed equine rescue. We typically have 25 horses in our care, and we generally know nothing about the horses we get. Gretchen has helped us with evaluating lame horses, teeth, and riding. She is remarkable and well educated. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!”

Gerda Silver
Gerdas Equine Rescue
Townshend, VT

“Gretchen has a clear understanding of horses. She has worked with my 2* level Event horse who is physically very tight and a bit quirky in his mind. He loves the work Gretchen does with him and I love the difference I feel in him as a result of the work. He always comes away from a session looser and calmer in his work. Gretchen has also worked on two OTTB resale projects for me with similar results. Her patience and perception is obvious in the work she does with the horses.”

-Bevin O’Reilly Dugan
Winchester Stables
Newfane, VT

“Gretchen Deane is one of the most gifted young horse trainers who has the ability to use her experience and great compassion for horses to analyze and train according to their needs. Progress and happy, willing horses is almost a given when she works with them regardless of discipline. Gretchen is a joy to work with and fun to observe working with horses. I wish she was still available on the West coast.”

-Edgar Schutte
President American Hanoverian Society
Rainbow Equus Meadows Inc.
Lincoln, CA

“Gretchen was extremely helpful identifying and alleviating the areas of soreness, strain and tension with my Arab. I can now continue to use the methods she showed me on a regular basis to help my horse. We are grateful.”

-Susan Nostrand
Horse Owner
Putney, VT

“Gretchen is a skilled and confident rider who brings out the best in the horses. She is sensitive and clear, and adapts easily to suit the needs of each horse. The horses are quiet and balanced for their riders after she works with them. Gretchen has a wonderful energy and patience with youngsters, and gives a high quality consistent ride to the jumps.”

-Debbi Sereni
Professional Horsewoman, 30+ years
Petaluma, CA

“Gretchen has used Masterson Method to help my Welsh Cob, Pilot. She is patient and kind. The bodywork helps the horse to find comfort. My adult students and their horses have found releases and focus with the bladder meridian work.”

-Sara Stine
Owner, Trainer,  Centered Riding Instructor
Dover, VT